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How to Maximize Your gift card Program during COVID-19 

This Christmas promises to be special and uncertain, both for consumers and for brands and retailers. The current crisis has changed the plans of many people. Studies have been done on consumer intentions for this end of the year. Almost all of the respondents still decided to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts. Which is auspicious. However two points change:

1.         The planned gift budget will be lower compared to other years 73% of shoppers will shop online. This year will therefore be e-commerce and competition more fierce.

2.         The same goes for the gift card, which is placed in the TOP 3 of Christmas gifts every year. This period, which is decisive for gift card services, whose traffic peaks in the month of December, may be strongly impacted.

So, how can you optimize your gift card during this hard time, despite the current crisis? We give you the keys to maximize your chances. Before that you may wanted to know some regulations of gift cards on your own country.





2020 will be no exception to this particular year, most of the activity will be done online. Where two thirds of the consumers will be to find and make their Christmas gifts.

It is therefore essential today to have a gift card service on your online site. Provided consumers with the possibility of ordering their gift card quickly and easily, via an optimized interface. No identification required. And make its gift card service clearly visible on the home page of the site or in the main menu. This is essential since the buyer of a gift card is not necessarily a customer of the brand and unfamiliar with the site.

Second point: set up an omnichannel gift card program. That is, giving site visitors the choice of being able to order either a physical gift card or a digital gift card.

The research suggests that the sales of gift card will be accelerated at the end of the year. It has been gaining momentum for a few years now, thanks to the new features that accompany it and its practicality. Here, it will have all its interest for distant families who will not be able to reunite for Christmas but who will always be able to offer a little joy.

The gift card will also help maximize sales on the gift card service right up to the very last minute, by targeting latecomers more precisely. Those who go out a few days before, or even a few hours before, to find gifts. Note that in previous years, the gift card achieved 50% of its turnover 4 days before Christmas. *


In e-commerce, the two most important steps for shopping cart validation are delivery and payment. But during the hot sales season or the epidemic situation, delivery becomes much more important in the buying decision than any other day of the year. And for good reason, all consumers have a common deadline: Christmas.

All business, in recent years, have shown ingenuity to allow guaranteed on-time delivery even on increasingly short deadlines.

For the gift card service, we are no exception to the rule and to the high expectations of customers, which are accentuated with innovations.

For the digital gift card, you have to make sure that the emails or SMS containing the gift card arrive, and if necessary be responsive. That is to say, having a dedicated service to manage the peak in traffic and therefore the risk of non-sending, over this period.

It is also relevant to highlight the deferred sending functionality. This allows consumers to be able to pre-order an e-card and be able to send it automatically on D-Day. Again, increased monitoring is required for scheduled mass mailing.

For physical gift cards printing, like product shipments, it is necessary to be able to optimize the workflow to the gift card manufacturers and the shipment to the recipient, so that it can arrive on time. One of the possibilities, to guarantee the deadline, is to allow customers to have a digital version first, then the physical version in a second.


Most people will search for gifts online. Going to brand websites, blogs, digital magazines, but above all social networks for more than one in two consumers.

And for 51%, online advertising is rated as useful for their research. So it is interesting to think of this channel. Often neglected in favor of the brand's flagship products. Yet it has been in the TOP 3 for gifts for several years, and the particularity of card buyers makes it important to communicate about its service. The vast majority of them are not the heart of the target, but their family or friends. They are not necessarily familiar with the brand and its services, and will not necessarily make the effort to find out if a gift card of such brand exists.

And to put all the odds in your favor, a study reveals, for this year at least, that contextual advertising will be the most popular. Promotional messages (32%) and retargeting (29%) are, for this period, much less interesting. They prefer an advertisement related to the content they are viewing and, better yet, displayed on trustworthy sites (37%)


What makes the added value of a gift card service is the image and concept of the brand, and the optimization of the customer experience of the service.

To optimize the customer experience, several points can be worked on.

The first is identical to the rest of the e-commerce catalog: a responsive and omnichannel experience. The card command interface must be available on any device, bug free and frictionless. And ideally, the gift card should be omnichannel. That is to say, it must be valid at any physical or digital point of sale of a brand and easily spendable. And the display of it, must be optimized for all types of devices.

The second is of course the functions of the gift card. For example, the more personalization options there are, the more valuable the card will be to consumers. Being a gift above all, the experience delivered to the recipient is irrelevant to the purchase decision. Personalized video, GIF, personalized photo, image, message, animation, ... there are a plethora of options to make the experience memorable. Also take into account the practical features is the card registerable on the trademark app? Or on the beneficiary's loyalty account? Can it be stored on a Wallet app? Can the physical gift card be converted into a digital card? Is the consultation of the remaining balance easy to access? Is it possible to make group card purchases? ...

The third point corresponds to the typology of gift card buyers: speed and fluidity. As said above, buyers are not the brand's usual customers. They only come to buy a gift card and usually have no time to waste. Especially if they are latecomers, doing it at the last minute. The control interface must therefore be intuitive and the control steps to a minimum. Of course, the more features there are, the longer it will take. We must therefore find the right balance based on customer feedback or feedback.





There are two types of holiday buyers: early buyers and late buyers. Those who are ahead of the gifts and those who are late.

And for the vast majority (two-thirds) of the consumers, the purchase of gifts will take place 1 month before Christmas on average. A figure which can be explained in part by the occurrence of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in November. And the expectation of the customer for interesting promotional offers (50%). However, this exceptional great weekend is not a decisive point for consumers. If one of their favorite brands has a relevant promotional offer beforehand, they can take action (54%).

So to promote early buyer behavior, we must first focus on loyal customers. And the gift card can be used as a loyalty tool. For example, offering a gift card for a limited amount over a defined period (before Christmas) to promote purchases within the brand.

A reward linked to their loyalty and a strong promotional action in added value. The gift card is not seen as a promotional tool in the first place, but as a real "gift". A Christmas present in advance to thank them. An incentive to take the time to do their Christmas shopping at the brand's points of sale.



The consumer today use different channels and sources to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. But one of the most important considerations remains, without a doubt, the recommendation of those around them.

One of the challenges for brands is therefore to promote referral from their current and satisfied customers to others who may be interested.

Several techniques exist. But the one that has been proven its worth with the marketing department in recent years is sponsorship. A win-win strategy for the current customer and the future customer. Each of the two parties is rewarded.

The brand can define the amount offered up to the validation date to influence in-store traffic or on the website. Launched two / three months before Christmas and valid before the holidays, it promotes end-of-year shopping at its point of sale.

ThIs year promises to be special with e-commerce dominating and consumers having to shop for Christmas online. In this context, the gift card service will be an asset, even a pillar. Since it is a personalized, digital and practical gift to send to remote family, for example. And a formidable marketing tool.

But on condition of having an online gift card ordering service, and also offering the e-gift card. To work on the customer experience and functionalities. And to manage fraud and traffic peaks.



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There are some many possibility and function for plastic cards today. To name a few, they can be offered with the following personalizations:
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  • Barcode or QR code for brand loyalty program

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In our deal, cards with a magnetic stripe are one of the most regularly bought items. For consumers, this is one of the most inexpensive kinds of cards that permits information to be taped right after the barcode cards.
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Loyalty cards
A loyalty card is a way to boost sales. Commitment systems are implemented using a range of marketing tools, although research study and also stats show that the best results are attained when the client receives an elegantly published plastic loyalty card with the firm logo design, discount quantity, and so forth. Loyalty cards supply brand-new consumer connections to your business, increase your turn over as well as, most importantly, make sure the retention of clients you have obtained so far. Research shows that 20% of your regular customers can contribute 80% of your turn over or earnings. This is both an excellent motivation and also a method to attract your customers to your deal. Loyalty cards also enable you to manage the discounts offered as well as present special deals, which boosts the status of the company's offerings by raising its prestige.
Gift Card
The gift card is an extremely popular option that is used by basically every firm. The plastic gift card is a convenient, sensible and also sophisticated solution for companies. Gift cards, as the name suggests, can end up being the ideal gift. Effectively created, they put a smile on the client's/ giver's face. The key to success is the appropriate customization. Pre-paid gift cards are the most prominent type of gifting for all ages. It is likewise an excellent marketing device that replaces the traditional voucher/ present voucher or various other present in kind. Elegant service for any event such as Xmas, birthday celebration, name day, anniversaries.
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